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The following reasons can let you trust JOJO Jade Jewelry very much.

 1, JOJO only provide real natural grade A jade jewelry and all of our jade jewelry own government certificate to prove their real natural quality. We never provide treated (grade B) jade,dyed (grade C) jade and fake jade. Our government certificate can be checked on-line which mean you can learn your jade jewelry information well on-line to be sure what you get are real natural grade A quality jade jewelry.

 2,  Every jade jewelry from us own several big clear pictures to reflect every part of our jade jewelry quite well so that you can learn everything you want to know about your loved jade then to decide whether you want to take it or not. There is no risk buying from us because we provide return and refund without any questions service to be sure what you get is what you really want.

 3, We set paypal payment way as our main payment way to let you rest assured about your money  safety before you receive your ordered jade jewelry.

 4, So many return customers’ trust on us really prove our jade quality. Many new customers are introduced by our return customers because our return customers know what we can provide quite well,that’s also the reason why many of our return customers want to use bank wire way to place their new order. 

 5, As one big jade suppler,we not only provide jade jewelry to our customers directly but to our many wholesalers too,that’s why we will carve out thousands of different jade jewelry every month. So we sure can provide any your loved style jade jewelry. You can just contact our sales in case your loved design jade jewelry can’t be found on our site then we will check the appropriate ones from our off-line stock jade jewelry for you to consider.

 As one big jade supplier we provide jade jewelry to you directly,so the price is very low compared with our wholesalers’ price. That’s also one main reason why you can choose jade jewelry from us.

 6, The most important reason you can trust us is we cherish our brand more than anything. We devote to building JOJO as one worldwide brand to let more and more customers enjoy jade natural beauty,so we will never do things to damage our brand. We sure will do the things we promise and we provide great before-sale and after-sale service to be sure our customers can get their deep loved jade jewelry. We will use one whole life to cherish our brand and customers so just give us and you one chance to let us learn each other quite well. Just one chance to establish one long term trust then you can get one reliable jade supplier all the time to get any your loved jade jewelry easily.

 Just contact us directly if you have any questions.