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1, Jade jewelry is divided into jadeite jade and nephrite jade. Jadeite jade is also called Burma jade and nephrite jade is called Hetian jade or China jade too. So before you choose your loved jade jewelry you have to decide what kind jade jewelry you want. 

 Jadeite jade is famous for its different color and different texture.  Even one same color on different texture will own quite different wearing result. That is the reason why people love jadeite jade because it can give people different feeling under different lighting. 

 Hetian jade is famous for its pure lustre because most hetian jade only own one color and white color is the most important and expensive color. Its pure color with soft lustre can give people very quiet feeling. That’s the main reason why hetian jade is loved by Chinese people for more than 5000 years because hetian jade’s soft wearing result represent Chinese people’s humble merits. These years green hetian jade is also very popular because its vivid green color can attract people’s eyes easily.

 So when you learn jadeite jade and hetian jade main character then you can decide what style jade you love first.

 2, After you have decided your loved jade style then you have to decide what design jade you want. Jade bangle is the most popular style because it own very auspicious meaning.  Jade ring is very popular too because it represent love. Jade bracelet is popular for its special wearing result. Various design jade pendant can meet different people’s different liking. Jade necklace really make people own very noble feeling. So you can choose the design according to your own demand.

 3, When you have decided your loved design then you have to set your budget on your jade jewelry. Jadeite jade’s color,texture,transparency and size decide its value and hetian jade color and texture decide its main value. You can contact us to talk with our sales to set your budget in case you are not sure about what value jade jewelry you want.

 4, You can scan our site by the jade catalog when you have decided the above things.

 People always say choosing jade jewelry is one easy thing but also one hard thing. Why it’s one easy thing is because if you meet one jade seller you trust very much then that’s one very easy thing to choose your loved jade jewelry directly,no need to consider other things. Why it’s one hard thing to buy jade jewelry is because if you don’t learn the jade seller quite well then you are not sure what you will get then the buying process will be quite slow and hard.

 Now please visit the following article to learn why you can trust JOJO Jade Jewelry.

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