Jade jewelry is one unique jewelry compared with other jewelry because of its unique formation and unique feeling value from people on it.The more you wear it the more you will feel its life in it.


JOJO has been one top jade jewelry brand in China for a long time. We will continue and produce amazing real natural grade A jadeite jade and hetian jade all the time.

You will love jade jewelry very much when you know how to appreciate it and wear it.

That’s the reason why we build this jade jewelry blog to let people who love jade enjoy it very well.


We will write more and more special articles on jade jewelry to let you learn how to enjoy jade natural beauty meanwhile show latest fashion information to enjoy beauty around us. Enjoy Them!.

How To Care For Hetian Jade Jewelry

Hetian jade is the main body of Chinese jade culture. Because of its delicate texture, its beauty is characterized by smooth and moist, uniform color, soft and fat, it has a special luster, which is [...]

What’s Jade?

What's Jade? Jade is an ornamental stone. The term jade jewelry is applied to two different metamorphic rocks that are made up of different silicate minerals which is actually two different stones, Jadeite and Nephrite. [...]

How to Measure the Bangle Size

How to Measure the Bangle Size When you plan to buy one bangle,then you have to know your appropriate bangle size first, the following way can measure your bangle size exactly. First, let your thumb [...]

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